TeamFSD Is Back With Freestyle Dash 3

by xbox360iso on September 24, 2012

After the domain for their homepage expired thus forcing them to relocate elsewhere, Team Freestyle Dash (TeamFSD) has been working hard to get back into developing and bringing you the project that you have all come to know and love. After months of sporting the release candidate tag, the next version of Freestyle Dash is available to all and it’s sporting a new abbreviation as well. Freestyle Dash 3 which is now going by ‘F3’, features a wealth of changes and is the combination of the previous FSD and the future RxE projects.

The major change with F3 is the full integration of Kinect for voice and gesture controls. Of course, that’s not the only new thing coming through with¬† F3. Peep the release notes:

This release will bring to you some of the major improvements researched for RXE and allow you to use them today.
There is of course Coverflow as well as an enhaced HTTP service (fixes the chrome connection bug).
Also we are bringing indie support (with dashlaunch) to your gamelist.
And of course , how could i forget, Kinect integration throughout the entire dash. Both voice and gesture based controls.

For those awaiting the preview video, check it out below. You can pick up everything that you need, after reading this warning:

** NOTE **  If you install this over your existing FSD it will DELETE YOUR DATABASE. NEW INSTALL ONLY! You have been warned.

F3 Preview Vid

Source: RealModScene

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