xk3y Got A Gecko?

by xbox360iso on March 30, 2012

You’re probably rocking that xk3y around like a boss, now that it has a more recent firmware update. Apparently, the team has also released another product dubbed the Gecko. This isn’t to be confused with Maximus’ lineup of products. The Gecko serves as the missing puzzle piece for the team in the Xbox Scene.

So what is this Gecko exactly? Is it an animal, is it a mascot? I’ll tell you, it’s a replacement PCB for your drive that acts as your friendly DVD drive firmware dumper. Not only that, it’s also a DVD game ripper. The Gecko’s able to rip XGD3 titles and make game profiles for the xk3y ODDE itself. The downside for this 2 for 1 deal is that the Gecko is only available for Slim Liteon 16D4S drives. However, the team is working on getting other drives ready.

The Gecko’s set sale price is $59.95.

Source: xk3y

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